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With input from GAA players across all levels of the game ranging from club reserves to All-Ireland winners, this journal should provide value to anyone looking to build on their performance in a structured fashion.


Use this journal to:

  • Plan your week around your roles
  • Track your goals
  • Plan and reflect on training sessions
  • Plan and reflect on games
  • Begin implementing mental skills into your game


If you are interested in a team order, leave a description of what you are after here.

GAA Performance Journal & Planner

  • "The GAA journal has become part of my post training and match routine. It’s become a very useful tool to build my confidence following major injury. I would recommend the journal to any player of all levels and ages as it is a great way to track your performance and improvement"

    - Orla


    "The journal has been a great help in my preparation for training and games. It provides a great structure for setting out your goals for a session/match and then reflect on these after to see how you can improve for the next day. It has helped me to be more conscious of what I am doing in a session. It is a great tool to help being your performance to the next level!"

    - Niamh


    "It’s great for evaluating my performance after a game as it asks the questions and all I have to do is answer. It’s an extremely helpful tool and I’d definitely recommend it to any GAA player"

    - Fionnan

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