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Eddy Sheeky BSc, MSc, PGCE, SEPiT.

At ES Performance Psychology I want to inspire and encourage fulfilment in life and sport.


I started ESPP back in 2020, following completion of a Master’s in Sport and Exercise Psychology. I wanted to share my own sporting experiences and my knowledge to help others. Initially I was sharing useful ideas around the topic, but since then, I have released e-books, journals and worked with athletes, coaches, teams and even schools. Over time I began to realise that the tools that are used in sport psychology apply to all performance and well-being settings and that these are vital life skills that everyone should be skilled in.

So much of the issues we face come from focusing on external factors and how we perceive these factors. We often cannot do anything about these, so why do we let them control us? It’s more important to think about how we view those events and what that does to our emotions and behaviours.


I help people understand their beliefs and give them the tools to develop new, helpful beliefs that will take them closer to their goals. We also supplement this this with mental skills tools and training on how to use these. This is all individualised based on each individual person.


I have provided support to athletes and teams across a range of sports, helping them reach their goals. See what they have said here.


I keep my work simple but that is not to say it is easy. If you can bring a curiosity and a hard-working attitude to this journey, you can show what you are capable of in those moments that matter. I hope you see you in the future at some point. Take a look around the website and don’t be a stranger. If you any questions, ask them here



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